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Worth Getting NBA 2K23 Best Diamond Player Cards in MyTeam

NBA 2K23 is the latest release in the NBA 2K series, packed with new features and content. One of the most popular modes in the game is MyTeam, which allows players to build their teams of NBA 2k23 players. In MyTeam, player cards have different tiers, from bronze to diamond. Diamond players are the best in the game and are very rare. So, is it worth trying to get NBA 2K23 best diamond player cards with NBA 2K MT? This blog post will discuss the benefits of having diamond players on your team and how you can obtain them.


Name Type OVR OFF DEF POS From Badges Total Attr
Eddie Jones Diamond 94 92 98 SG/SF S2 Takeover Rewards 3, 8, 28, 4 2692
Dennis Rodman Diamond 94 85 99 PF/SF S2 Takeover Rewards 3, 5, 16, 4 2819
Andrew Wiggins Diamond 94 93 94 SF/PF Takeover Rewards 2, 6, 25, 3 2845
Alex Caruso Diamond 92 88 96 PG/SG Nightmare 3, 6, 20, 2 2793
Lance Stephenson Diamond 94 93 95 SG/SF Nightmare 3, 2, 27, 4 2872
Kyle Kuzma Diamond 93 94 90 PF/SF New Frontier 3, 10, 14, 4 2831
Moses Malone Diamond 93 96 95 C/PF S2: Eerie 0, 3, 17, 0 2775
Donovan Mitchell Diamond 93 94 88 SG/PG Takeover Rewards 8, 16, 16, 3 2919
Carmelo Anthony Diamond 94 95 85 SF/PF Timeless 4, 13, 16, 3 2780
R.J. Barrett Diamond 94 93 92 SF/SG Ferocious 1, 16, 19, 3 2854


Worth Getting NBA 2K23 Best Diamond Player Cards in MyTeam

Eddie Jones - 94 OVR
Eddie Jones is your man if you're looking for a solid all-around small forward who can shoot, rebound, and play some defense. He won't blow you away with any particular skill, but he's a well-rounded player who can help you win games.


  • 94Eddie Jones - 94 OVR
  • Season 2S2 Takeover Rewards
  • OFF: 92 | DEF: 98 | POS: SG/SF
  • HT: 6'6 | WT: 190 | Add: Nov 04, 22
  • Attributes: 2692
  • Mid Range, 3 PT, Isolation
  • 4 28 8 3
  • AcrobatFast TwitchFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffPosterizerAmpedBlindersCatch And ShootClutch ShooterCorner SpecialistGreen MachineVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerClamp BreakerFloor GeneralKiller CombosMismatch ExpertPost PlaymakerQuick First StepSpecial DeliveryAnkle BracesChallengerChase Down ArtistMenaceOff Ball PestPick DodgerPogo StickWork HorseBullyGiant SlayerMiddy MagicianSlitheryDeadeyeGuard UpLimitless RangeSlippery Off BallSpace CreatorHandles For DaysUnpluckableAgent 3ClampsGloveInterceptor
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Dennis Rodman - 94 OVR
Rodman is now honored with a Diamond card in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM. This 94 Overall card is one of the best in the game, and it's perfect for players who want to build a dominant defensive team.
This Diamond Dennis Rodman card is an excellent addition to any MyTEAM lineup. This is the card for you if you're looking for a dominant defensive player who can also contribute on offense.



  • 94Dennis Rodman - 94 OVR
  • Season 2S2 Takeover Rewards
  • OFF: 85 | DEF: 99 | POS: PF/SF
  • HT: 6'7 | WT: 220 | Add: Oct 28, 22
  • Attributes: 2819
  • P&R Roll Man
  • 4 16 5 3
  • AcrobatPost Spin TechnicianSlitheryNeedle ThreaderPost PlaymakerBullyFast TwitchFearless FinisherGiant SlayerAnkle BracesChallengerChase Down ArtistClampsGloveInterceptorMenaceOff Ball PestPick DodgerPost LockdownPogo StickBrick WallDropstepperMasherPro TouchAnchorWork HorseBoxout BeastRebound Chaser
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Andrew Wiggins - 93 OVR
If you're looking for the best NBA 2K23 diamond player cards in MyTeam, look no further than Andrew Wiggins. The Canadian superstar is rated a 93 overall in the game, making him one of the highest-rated players in the mode.


  • 93Andrew Wiggins - 93 OVR
  • Season 1Takeover Rewards
  • OFF: 93 | DEF: 94 | POS: SF/PF
  • HT: 6'7 | WT: 197 | Add: Oct 18, 22
  • Attributes: 2845
  • P&R Wing, Hand Off, Isolation, Cutter
  • 3 25 6 2
  • AcrobatFearless FinisherPosterizerPro TouchSlitheryCatch And ShootCorner SpecialistGreen MachineMiddy MagicianSlippery Off BallSpace CreatorVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerBail OutPost PlaymakerQuick First StepSpecial DeliveryAnchorChallengerChase Down ArtistGloveMenaceOff Ball PestPick DodgerWork HorseAerial WizardGuard UpClamp BreakerAnkle BracesClampsInterceptorFast TwitchLimitless TakeoffPogo StickAmpedNeedle Threader
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Alex Caruso - 92 OVR
Caruso is a great all-around player, and he's worth getting if you're looking for a top-tier player in NBA 2K23 MyTeam. Caruso has a 92 Overall Rating, making him an elite game player.
If you're looking for a top-notch player who can do it all on the court, then Alex Caruso is worth picking up in NBA 2K23 MyTeam. He has elite stats across the board and is one of the best players in the game.


  • 92Alex Caruso - 92 OVR
  • Season 2Nightmare
  • OFF: 88 | DEF: 96 | POS: PG/SG
  • HT: 6'4 | WT: 186 | Add: Oct 28, 22
  • Attributes: 2793
  • P&R Wing, Cutter, Hand Off
  • 2 20 6 3
  • AcrobatSlitheryGreen MachineBreak StarterFloor GeneralPogo StickAerial WizardFast TwitchFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffPosterizerCatch And ShootSlippery Off BallBail OutDimerNeedle ThreaderSpecial DeliveryUnpluckableAnchorChallengerChase Down ArtistClampsMenaceOff Ball PestPick DodgerWork HorseAnkle BreakerClamp BreakerQuick First StepGloveInterceptor
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Lance Stephenson - 94 OVR
As one of the best players in the NBA, it's no surprise that Lance Stephenson would have a diamond card in NBA 2K23 MyTeam. With an overall rating of 94, Stephenson is one of the highest-rated players in the game. As a small forward, he can shoot from anywhere on the court and is a great defender. He also has several gold and silver cards, making him a valuable player on your team. However, his diamond card is by far his best and most expensive.


  • 94Lance Stephenson - 94 OVR
  • Season 2Nightmare
  • OFF: 93 | DEF: 95 | POS: SG/SF
  • HT: 6'5 | WT: 228 | Add: Oct 28, 22
  • Attributes: 2872
  • P&R Ball Handler, Isolation, Guard Post Up
  • 4 27 2 3
  • AcrobatBullyFearless FinisherGiant SlayerLimitless TakeoffPosterizerPro TouchGreen MachineMiddy MagicianSlippery Off BallSpace CreatorAnkle BreakerDimerFloor GeneralHandles For DaysHyperdriveKiller CombosMismatch ExpertNeedle ThreaderSpecial DeliveryAnchorChase Down ArtistClampsMenacePick DodgerPogo StickWork HorseFast TwitchCatch And ShootSlitheryChallengerOff Ball PestRebound ChaserAmpedBlindersInterceptor
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Kyle Kuzma - 93 OVR
Assuming you have the MT to spare, Kuzma is an excellent get for your MyTeam. He's a lights-out shooter with solid 95 three-point and 86 mid-range ratings. His offensive putback (93) and dunk (92) ratings are also very good. He's not the best finisher around the basket, but he'll still be able to convert most of his looks.


  • 93Kyle Kuzma - 93 OVR
  • Season 2New Frontier
  • OFF: 94 | DEF: 90 | POS: PF/SF
  • HT: 6'9 | WT: 220 | Add: Nov 04, 22
  • Attributes: 2831
  • P&R Wing, P&R Roll Man, Guard Post Up, 3 PT
  • 4 14 10 3
  • AcrobatFast TwitchGiant SlayerPosterizerCatch And ShootClutch ShooterGreen MachineSpace CreatorBail OutBreak StarterChase Down ArtistMenacePogo StickRebound ChaserAerial WizardClamp BreakerChallengerBullyLimitless TakeoffPro TouchGuard UpVolume ShooterNeedle ThreaderPost PlaymakerQuick First StepInterceptorOff Ball PestFearless FinisherSlitheryClaymoreCorner Specialist
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Moses Malone - 93 OVR
Malone was one of the most dominant big men in NBA history, and his card in NBA 2K23 reflects that. It has a 93 Overall rating, making it one of the best Diamond cards.
The card itself is very well-rounded, with solid shooting and rebounding stats. It also has good defensive stats, which is fitting for a player known for his defense during his career. Overall, this is a great card for any MyTeam lineup.


  • 93Moses Malone - 93 OVR
  • Season 2S2: Eerie
  • OFF: 96 | DEF: 95 | POS: C/PF
  • HT: 6'10 | WT: 215 | Add: Oct 21, 22
  • Attributes: 2775
  • Post Up Low
  • 4 17 3 0
  • Aerial WizardPro TouchCatch And ShootBackdown PunisherDream ShakeDropstepperFast TwitchFearless FinisherGiant SlayerPost Spin TechnicianPosterizerRise UpPost PlaymakerVice GripInterceptorPick DodgerPogo StickWork HorseBoxout BeastRebound ChaserBullyMasherAnchorPost Lockdown
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Donovan Mitchell - 93 OVR
Donovan Mitchell was one of the best players in the NBA last season, and he's been rewarded with a 93 Overall rating in NBA 2K23's MyTEAM mode.
With a 93 Overall rating, Mitchell is the highest-rated player in NBA 2K23's MyTEAM mode. He's worth considering if you're looking to build a top-tier team in MyTEAM.


  • 93Donovan Mitchell - 93 OVR
  • Season 1Takeover Rewards
  • OFF: 94 | DEF: 88 | POS: SG/PG
  • HT: 6'1 | WT: 215 | Add: Sep 13, 22
  • Attributes: 2919
  • P&R Ball Handler, Isolation, Hand Off, 3 PT
  • 3 16 16 8
  • AcrobatFearless FinisherGiant SlayerPosterizerSlitheryBlindersCatch And ShootDeadeyeMiddy MagicianVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerClamp BreakerHandles For DaysHyperdrivePost PlaymakerPick DodgerFast TwitchLimitless TakeoffQuick First StepPro TouchAgent 3AmpedGuard UpSpace CreatorKiller CombosAnchorChallengerChase Down ArtistGloveInterceptorMenaceOff Ball PestPost LockdownPogo StickWork HorseClutch ShooterCorner SpecialistGreen MachineSlippery Off BallBail OutFloor GeneralMismatch ExpertSpecial Delivery
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Carmelo Anthony - 94 OVR
As the best Diamond player in NBA 2K23 MyTeam, Carmelo Anthony receives a 94 Overall rating. The 6-foot-8 small forward/power forward boasts an 84 Inside Scoring rating, 86 Outside Scoring rating, and 92 Playmaking rating. Regarding his athleticism, Anthony has an 80 Stamina and 84 Durability ratings.
In terms of his physical attributes, Anthony has an 82 Strength rating and 90 Jumpingrating. His Speed & Quickness ratings are both at 78. Overall, Carmelo Anthony is the best Diamond player in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM mode and is worth getting if you can afford him.


  • 94Carmelo Anthony - 94 OVR
  • Season 1Timeless
  • OFF: 95 | DEF: 85 | POS: SF/PF
  • HT: 6'8 | WT: 240 | Add: Sep 30, 22
  • Attributes: 2780
  • Isolation, Post Up Low, P&R Ball Handler
  • 3 16 13 4
  • AcrobatAerial WizardFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffAgent 3AmpedBlindersCatch And ShootClaymoreCorner SpecialistDeadeyeMiddy MagicianSpace CreatorBail OutHandles For DaysHyperdriveBullyDropstepperPost Spin TechnicianPro TouchGreen MachineGuard UpSlippery Off BallClamp BreakerPost PlaymakerQuick First StepUnpluckableVice GripOff Ball PestComeback KidLimitless RangeNeedle ThreaderPick DodgerVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerKiller Combos
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R.J. Barrett - 94 OVR
Add R.J. Barrett to your MyTeam lineup with his new Diamond card. Barrett is rated 94 overall, making him one of the best players in the game. He has elite shooting and playmaking abilities, and he's also a great defender.
Adding Barrett to your team will make it nearly unstoppable. He's a great complement to any superstar and will help you win many games. Don't miss out on this incredible player; snag him while you can!


  • 94R.J. Barrett - 94 OVR
  • Season 2Ferocious
  • OFF: 93 | DEF: 92 | POS: SF/SG
  • HT: 6'6 | WT: 214 | Add: Oct 21, 22
  • Attributes: 2854
  • P&R Ball Handler, Hand Off, Isolation, Cutter
  • 3 19 16 1
  • AcrobatBullyPosterizerPro TouchAmpedCatch And ShootComeback KidCorner SpecialistGreen MachineMiddy MagicianSlippery Off BallSpace CreatorAnkle BreakerBail OutClamp BreakerMismatch ExpertQuick First StepChallengerPick DodgerFast TwitchFearless FinisherSlitheryBlindersClaymoreDeadeyeGuard UpBreak StarterHandles For DaysKiller CombosSpecial DeliveryUnpluckableAnkle BracesClampsInterceptorMenaceClutch ShooterOff Ball PestWork HorseVolume Shooter
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Final thoughts
Diamond Card can help you complete particular challenges in MyTeam mode. If you want to unlock certain rewards, having a few diamond cards can give you an edge. Whether or not you think it is worth getting NBA 2K23 best diamond player cards depends on your own playing style and preferences. However, investing in some of these cards is worth considering if you're looking to take your MyTeam game to the next level.

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