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NBA 2K23 Season 3 will Bring New Update to Domination Rewards Cards in MyTEAM

NBA 2K23 is one of the most popular basketball games today. And with the new season 3 update, players can expect changes in the game's MyTEAM mode. One of these changes is the addition of Domination Rewards cards. NBA 2K23 Season 3 will bring a new update to Domination All five existing 99-star Cards in Domination rewards will receive an evolutionary update! which remains a great way to start and improve any MyTEAM collection to earn 99 Star rewards, including an extensive collection of NBA 2K23 MT, including Trophy Box Event Cards. 99 overall, Tim Duncan and Julius Erving are now available to anyone who collects the entire Eastern Conference or Western Conference trophy. In Season 3, 15 more centerpieces and other rare trophy box event cards will be available, allowing the most ardent community members to add Dark Matter Larry Bird to their collections! Speaking of Trophy Cases, the first Dark Matter players have taken to the field in MyTEAM!


NBA 2K23 Season 3 will Bring New Update to Domination Rewards Cards in MyTEAM

NBA 2K23 Domination Rewards
The NBA 2K23 Domination Rewards cards in MyTEAM will get a new update for the upcoming season. The update will include new rewards for players who reach the top of the leaderboards. These rewards cards are given to players who dominate online games.The new rewards for NBA 2K23 Domination Rewards cards include the following:
- A free copy of NBA 2K23
- An exclusive in-game item
- A chance to win a trip to the NBA 2K Finals
Players must reach the top of the leaderboards in the All-Star Game or the Playoffs to qualify for these rewards. There are also other ways to receive these rewards, such as through special events or purchasing specific packs in MyTEAM.

Those Domination Rewards Player Cards will grow stronger by fulfilling their evolution requirements to increase attributes and badges.

NBA 2K23 Pink Diamond John Havlicek(SF/SG) - 95 OVR

John Havlicek

Hot Zone

  • 5 21 6 1
  • AcrobatBullyFearless FinisherAgent 3AmpedBlindersCatch And ShootClutch ShooterCorner SpecialistDeadeyeGuard UpMiddy MagicianSlippery Off BallSpace CreatorBail OutBreak StarterMismatch ExpertAnkle BracesClampsMenacePick DodgerFast TwitchPro TouchGreen MachineSpecial DeliveryGloveInterceptorComeback KidVolume ShooterNeedle ThreaderOff Ball PestWork HorsePogo Stick
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This season in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, one of the new updates to domination rewards cards will be the addition of John Havlicek. The Boston Celtics legend will be receiving a 95 overall Pink Diamond card. This new Pink Diamond card will be available through the domination mode in MyTEAM. It will be a great addition to any collection and help you dominate the competition.

NBA 2K23 Amethyst Julius Randle(PF/C) - 91 OVR

Julius Randle

Hot Zone

  • 1 10 12 9
  • AcrobatBackdown PunisherDream ShakeDropstepperPost Spin TechnicianPro TouchSlitheryCorner SpecialistBail OutBreak StarterNeedle ThreaderPost LockdownAerial WizardGiant SlayerRise UpCatch And ShootClaymoreGreen MachineVolume ShooterQuick First StepOff Ball PestBullyFast TwitchFearless FinisherMasherPost PlaymakerVice GripPogo StickWork HorseBoxout BeastRebound ChaserBrick Wall
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The NBA 2K23 Amethyst Julius Randle card will have a 91 Overall Rating. This means that he will be an excellent player in the game, and you will want to use him on your team if you can. He is a power forward/center so he can play either position in the game. This card will be available in the Domination Rewards packs, which you can earn by winning matches in Domination mode. When it arrives, check out the new update, and try to get your hands on this Amethyst Julius Randle card!

NBA 2K23 Diamond Mitch Richmond(SG/SF) - 92 OVR

Mitch Richmond

Hot Zone

  • 2 10 8 8
  • AcrobatGiant SlayerPro TouchSlitheryBlindersCatch And ShootClutch ShooterCorner SpecialistDeadeyeSlippery Off BallAgent 3AmpedSpace CreatorBail OutBreak StarterHandles For DaysNeedle ThreaderUnpluckableGreen MachineGuard UpAnkle BreakerClamp BreakerKiller CombosSpecial DeliveryChase Down ArtistPogo StickMiddy MagicianVolume Shooter
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Mitch Richmond was one of the best players in the NBA during his prime, and he's still got it in NBA 2K23. As a Diamond-level player, he boasts an impressive 92 Overall rating. With such well-rounded skills, it's no wonder Richmond is still one of the best players in NBA 2K23. If you're looking for a top-tier small forward or shooting guard, he's worth considering.

NBA 2K23 Diamond Mike Bibby(PG/SG) - 93 OVR

Mike Bibby

Hot Zone

  • 3 19 4 3
  • AcrobatPro TouchSlitheryAgent 3AmpedBlindersCatch And ShootCorner SpecialistGreen MachineAnkle BreakerBreak StarterClamp BreakerDimerHandles For DaysKiller CombosMismatch ExpertNeedle ThreaderSpecial DeliveryPick DodgerFast TwitchFearless FinisherQuick First StepLimitless RangeSpace CreatorBail OutHyperdriveMiddy MagicianFloor GeneralUnpluckable
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As the best pure point guard in NBA 2K23, Diamond Mike Bibby is a 93 overall. Overall, Bibby is a well-rounded player that can really do it all on the court. He’s a great scorer, passer, and defender, and he’s got the skill set to be one of the best players in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 Diamond Bill Walton(C/PF) - 94 OVR

Bill Walton

Hot Zone

  • 3 14 4 0
  • Backdown PunisherDream ShakeDropstepperMasherPost Spin TechnicianBail OutDimerNeedle ThreaderSpecial DeliveryVice GripPogo StickWork HorseBoxout BeastBrick WallRise UpBreak StarterChase Down ArtistRebound ChaserPost PlaymakerAnchorPost Lockdown
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In NBA 2K23, Walton will be a 94 overall diamond card. His inside scoring and rebounding will be among the best in the game, and he'll provide excellent rim protection as well. On offense, he'll be able to score in the post and from mid-range, and he has a good vision for finding open teammates. On defense, he'll be a force in the paint, with the ability to block shots and grab rebounds.

Ratring 99 Cards Receive an evolutionary update in Domination rewards

NBA 2K23 Julius Erving(SF/SG) - 99 OVR

Julius Erving

Hot Zone

  • 20 28 4 0
  • AcrobatAerial WizardFast TwitchFearless FinisherLimitless TakeoffPosterizerSlitheryCatch And ShootDeadeyeMiddy MagicianVolume ShooterAnkle BreakerClamp BreakerHandles For DaysHyperdriveQuick First StepChallengerClampsOff Ball PestPogo StickBackdown PunisherDropstepperMismatch ExpertSpecial DeliveryBullyGiant SlayerPost Spin TechnicianPro TouchAmpedBlindersClaymoreClutch ShooterComeback KidCorner SpecialistGreen MachineGuard UpSlippery Off BallSpace CreatorBail OutBreak StarterKiller CombosNeedle ThreaderUnpluckableAnkle BracesChase Down ArtistGloveInterceptorMenacePick DodgerPost LockdownWork HorseRebound Chaser
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Erving will be the highest-rated player in NBA 2K23 and will be available as a reward for those who dominate the online leaderboards. Once you've done that, you'll be able to add Erving to your collection and use him to create an unstoppable lineup. If you're looking to take your MyTEAM to the next level, then this is definitely the card for you.

NBA 2K23 Tim Duncan(PF/C) - 99 OVR

Tim Duncan

Hot Zone

  • 20 20 3 0
  • AcrobatAerial WizardFast TwitchFearless FinisherPosterizerPro TouchCatch And ShootClutch ShooterCorner SpecialistGreen MachineVolume ShooterBail OutBreak StarterDimerNeedle ThreaderAnkle BracesChallengerChase Down ArtistMenaceOff Ball PestBackdown PunisherBullyDream ShakeDropstepperMasherPost Spin TechnicianRise UpClaymoreMiddy MagicianPost PlaymakerVice GripAnchorClampsInterceptorPost LockdownPogo StickWork HorseBoxout BeastRebound ChaserBrick WallQuick First StepGlovePick Dodger
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This card is available by completing all the sets in the Domination mode. The Tim Duncan(PF/C) - 99 OVR card features a 97 Overall rating, making him one of the best power forwards in the game. He has a 98 inside scoring rating, 95 outside scoring rating, and 94 defensive ratings. He also comes with a number of other great attributes, such as being a great rebounder and shot blocker.

NBA 2K23 Larry Bird(SF/PF) - 99 OVR

Larry Bird

Hot Zone

  • 25 30 3 0
  • AcrobatBullyAgent 3AmpedBlindersCatch And ShootClaymoreClutch ShooterComeback KidCorner SpecialistDeadeyeGreen MachineGuard UpLimitless RangeMiddy MagicianSlippery Off BallVolume ShooterDimerChallengerClampsGloveInterceptorMenacePost LockdownWork HorseBackdown PunisherDream ShakeDropstepperFearless FinisherGiant SlayerPost Spin TechnicianPro TouchSlitherySpace CreatorAnkle BreakerBail OutBreak StarterClamp BreakerFloor GeneralHandles For DaysHyperdriveKiller CombosNeedle ThreaderPost PlaymakerQuick First StepSpecial DeliveryUnpluckableVice GripAnchorAnkle BracesChase Down ArtistOff Ball PestPick DodgerPogo StickRebound ChaserFast TwitchMasherBrick Wall
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This card gives the user a +5 to all stats, making Larry Bird one of the most well-rounded players in MyTEAM. Additionally, this card comes with the Hall of Fame badge, giving the user access to additional animations and perks. With this card, users will have an extremely difficult time losing games of Domination. This is due to the fact thatLarry Bird is one of the best shooters in NBA history, and he also happens to be one of the quickest players in MyTEAM. As a result, users who equip this card will have a significant advantage over their opponents.

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