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How to see Diamond Ming Yao from China in NBA 2K23?

Yao Ming is one of the favorite players of many Chinese basketball fans and NBA 2K Chinese players, so many Chinese players paid a lot of NBA2K23 MT early in the season to get Diamond Ming Yao. His shooting and passing skills are very good, and he's also an excellent rebounder. So if you're looking for help adding Diamond Ming Yao to your squad, read on! This guide will look at Diamond Yao's strengths and weaknesses, analyze this player card, and discuss how to utilize him on your team best. 


How to see Diamond Ming Yao from China in NBA 2K23




Basic Information About Ming Yao


Yao Ming, the benchmark of Chinese basketball, is the greatest star in the history of Chinese basketball. He made his name in the NBA. He was selected to the All-Star 8 times in his career and was selected into the Hall of Fame. Yao Ming is the most honored basketball player in Asia.


Yao Ming's technical talent is too high. Except for the support, the inside players are all at the ceiling level. The inside basketball skills learning talent, and court response IQ are the ceiling. Moreover, his physical fitness is also unique in history. He is tall, but his legs are not long, and he has a big frame. Therefore, the confrontation and core strength are much better than that of black players of the same height, and the athletic ability and agility of the court are also much better than most white players of the same height.


And Yao Ming, in his 8-year NBA career, averaged 19 points and 9.2 rebounds per game, was selected to the All-Star 8 times, was selected to the All-NBA team 5 times (twice second team, 3 times third team), and was the first player to enter the Hall of Fame Asians.



Ming Yao Tech Features



Good shooting touch. Yao Ming has excellent shooting ability as a center, especially his turnaround jumper and familiar hook. Rebounds and blocks are good, and only some people can defend one-on-one in the paint. He is still a very unselfish player. Live him. He is tall but has good body coordination (generally speaking, the taller the body, the worse the coordination), is very mobile, not clumsy, and very agile. He has a good shooting touch, a high hit rate, and is difficult to be blocked. In addition to shooting, he can attack from the baseline and complete dunks. He can grab offensive rebounds at critical moments and make a second shot. He has excellent footwork and backup ability in the low post, very strong protection ability at the basket, good passing ability, top defensive awareness, a strong competitive spirit, and is very obedient to the coach's command.



Injured love, inflexible feet, sometimes troubled by fouls, easy fatigue, and too many mistakes. It is easy to make passing mistakes when being double-teamed. The offensive methods of players facing frontal defense need to be more rich. After grabbing rebounds, the offensive and defensive transition speeds need to be faster. The confrontation ability needs to be improved, and strength training is needed. More than 82 regular season games is needed for him. He said it was a test.



Diamond Ming Yao Badges


Badges recommendation: 4 Hall of Fame Badges, 9 Gold Badges, 7 Silver Badges, and 2 Bronze Badges.


Hall of Fame Badges:

  • Finishing Badges: Aerial Wizard + Dropstepper + Pro Touch + Rise Up


Gold Badges:

  • Finishing Badges: Backdown Punisher + Dream Shake + Masher + Post-Spin Technician
  • Playmaking Badges: Post Playmaker + Vice Grip
  • Defensive Badges: Boxout Beast + Brick Wall + Post Lockdown


Silver Badges:

  • Shooting Badges: Catch And Shoot + Claymore + Green Machine + Middy Magician
  • Playmaking Badges: Bail Out + Break Starter + Needle Threader


Bronze Badges:

  • Defensive: Anchor + Chase Down Artist



Diamond Ming Yao Stats & Analysis



Ming Yao

Hot Zone

  • 4 9 7 2
  • Aerial WizardDropstepperPro TouchRise UpBackdown PunisherDream ShakeMasherPost Spin TechnicianPost PlaymakerVice GripPost LockdownBoxout BeastBrick WallCatch And ShootClaymoreGreen MachineMiddy MagicianBail OutBreak StarterNeedle ThreaderAnchorChase Down Artist
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First of all, in terms of Shooting attributes, 93 Shot Close is still very high, while Shot Mid has reached 79, and Shot 3pt is relatively low. It is enough to show that the overall aspect of shooting is very good.


Secondly, in terms of Athleticism attributes, although Speed 25 and Acceleration 25 are relatively low, it is reasonable for a big man of 2 meters 26.


In terms of Inside and Outside, except for Driving Layup and Driving Dunk, which is relatively poor at 65, all other aspects are above 90.


The defense is also a very good reproduction, and the internal and external defenses are solid. Offensive Rebound 92 and Defensive Rebound 94 are both very high scores, similar to the previous Dark Matter Tim Duncan.



Diamond Ming Yao Combined Comments


Ming Yao is among the best players in NBA 2K23, and his Diamond card is no exception. He has excellent shooting ability inside and outside the arc and has decent rebounding and passing statistics. His only downsides are his lack of speed and defense, but these can be easily overcome with the right team strategy. Mingyao is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch and will surely help your team win games.


Recommendation: 4  Star  (♦♦♦♦)

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