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Finishing Badges Tier List & Ranking in NBA 2K23 Season 2

We all know that feeling when we finally get that last badge in NBA 2K23. It's a sense of relief but also a sense of accomplishment. There are a ton of finishing badges in NBA 2K23, and it can take a lot of work to decide which ones are worth your time. We have analyzed season 2 shooting badges tier and ranking before, and this blog post will rank all the finishing badges in tiers on NBA 2K23 season 2. 



To earn a finishing badge in NBA 2K23, players must complete the required number of layups, dunks, or finishes at the rim for their position.Get more game victories, improve the player's personal ability and team ability, and get more NBA 2K23 MyTEAM MT, in order to better dominate the game. The number of required successful finishes will vary based on the player's position and skill level. We'll look at all finishing badges tier lists & rankings and break down what it does and how it can help your game. 


Tier S Slithery
Tier A Post-Spin Tec, Limitless Takeoff, Pro Touch, Posterizer
Tier B Fearless FinRise Up, Dream Shake, Fast Twitch
Tier C Giant Slayer, Masher, BD Punisher, Acrobat, Dropstepper, Bully
Tier D Aerial Wizard



NBA 2K23 Season 2 Finishing Badges: Tier S



A slithery finishing badge gives you a +5% chance for a successful layup or dunk attempt and increases your shot percentage by 2%. It's one of the weaker badges in the game, but it can be helpful if you're struggling to make layups or dunks. Slithering to the finish line is always difficult, but with the slithery finishing badge, it becomes a bit easier. This badge boosts players when attempting to finish around defenders. The only downside is that it requires much time and effort to unlock, so be sure to do the work if you want to receive this one.

The slithery badge is the first of the finishing badges in NBA 2K23's MyTEAM. This badge boosts your dribble moves, making it easier to get by your defender. It also increases your layup and dunk accuracy, making it easier to finish at the rim. The Slithery badge is great for any player who wants to improve their finishing ability.



NBA 2K23 Season 2 Finishing Badges: Tier A


Post-Spin Tec

The Finishing Badge is a decent choice for players who want a boost to their shooting percentage, but it has some definite limitations. For one, the boost to your shooting percentage is significant and can help you make some tough shots in the paint. However, the badge doesn't do anything to increase your shot power, so you're still at the mercy of the defenders around you. If you're trying to finish at the rim after a pump fake or a dribble move, you won't benefit from the badge. The other main issue with the badge is that it only applies when spinning out of a post-up move.


Limitless Takeoff

If you're looking to get some easy points in NBA 2K23, look no further than the Finishing Badge. The Finishing Badge is about making sure your shots go in, whether from downtown or right at the rim. There are three tiers to the badge: Limitless Takeoff, which gives you +3 points for every successful shot; Up and Under, which gives you +2 points for every successful shot; and Posterizer, which gives you +1 points for every successful shot. The easiest way to earn the Finishing Badge is by buying the required MyTEAM packs. To get the Limitless Takeoff badge, you'll need to buy the Rookie Pack ($1) and the Superstar Pack ($5). The Up and Under badge can be earned by buying the All-Star Pack ($10), while the Posterizer badge requires the Legend Pack ($20).

Once you have the required packs, head to MyTEAM->Play Now and choose any game mode. We recommend going with Play Now Online since it's quick and easy. Just make sure to select "Finishing Badges" as your objective to earn points toward the right thing. From there, play the game and keep an eye on your progress. Remember, every successful shot counts towards your total, so make them count!


Pro Touch

Pro Touch is the best finishing badge in the game. It gives your players a +5 to their layup and dunk ratings, making them almost guaranteed to score when they get to the basket. Pro Touch also gives you a +2 boost to your shot close rating, making it easier to score from close range. The only downside to Pro Touch is that it's only available at the Hall of Fame level, but if you're good enough to make it that far, then this badge is definitely worth your time.



Posterizer is one of the finishing badges in NBA 2K23 and is categorized as a Tier 3 badge. The badge gives players an increased chance of making tough shots around the basket, such as contested layups and dunks. To earn the Posterizer badge, players must first complete the following requirements:

  • • Make 50 contested layups or dunks
  • • Have a shooting percentage of at least 60 percent on those attempts
  • • Raise their dunk rating to at least 85

Once players have completed these requirements, they can start working towards the Posterizer badge. The first step is to make 50 contested layups or dunks. This can be done by driving to the basket and using your body to shield off defenders. Alternatively, you can also try to posterize them by dunking over them. Either way, you'll need to ensure that your shooting percentage is at least 60 percent on these attempts. Earning this badge will be easy if you need to convert at a higher rate.

Once you've made 50 contested layups or dunks, the next step is to raise your dunk rating to at least 85. This can be done by practicing your dunking in the Practice Facility or MyCAREER. You'll need to land some impressive jams to raise your rating. Once you've reached 85, you'll officially have earned the Posterizer badge!



NBA 2K23 Season 2 Finishing Badges: Tier B


Fearless Fin

This badge is about playing with aggression and taking advantage of your opportunities. If you want to earn the Fearless Finishing badge, you'll need to be strong in some areas, including:

  • Athleticism: You'll need to be able to dunk the ball or at least finish above the rim consistently.
  • Strength: You'll need to be able to bully your way through defenders and finish tough shots in traffic.
  • Aggressiveness: You'll need to go after every opportunity with reckless abandon.

If you can master these three areas, you should have no problem earning the Fearless Finishing badge on NBA 2K23.


Rise Up

Once you've completed your first game in NBA K, you will be given a choice of three different finishing badges to equip. These badges represent your ability to finish around the basket; each comes with unique benefits.  The first badge we'll be looking at is the Rise Up Finishing Badge. This badge significantly boosts your vertical leaping ability, allowing you to finish above the rim with ease. It also increases your chances of converting putbacks, giving you an extra advantage on the offensive glass. This is your badge if you want to add some serious firepower to your inside game.


Dream Shake

The Dream Shake is among the most popular and effective finishing badges in NBA 2K23. It allows you to perform a deadly spin move that leaves your defender in the dust. The badge is especially useful for players with low dribbling ratings, as it can help them get by their defenders easily. With the Dream Shake badge, you can easily score on layups and dunks, and can also be used to create space for jump shots.


Fast Twitch

A few stand out above the rest. The Fast Twitch badge is one of those badges. This badge significantly increases your ability to explode to the rim and finish at the basket. If you have this badge, you can blow by your defender and finish easily. You need this badge to finish around the basket.



NBA 2K23 Season 2 Finishing Badges: Tier C


Giant Slayer

The Giant Slayer Finishing Badge was first introduced in NBA 2K19 as part of the MyPlayer Builder. This badge gives your player a +5 Attribute boost when they make a shot over a 7-foot defender. The Giant Slayer badge is one of the most popular finishing badges in the game and is available in all tiers. It is earned by defeating a team with a better record than your own. This badge is a great way to show that you are the best player on your team and can carry them to victory against tough opponents.

It requires you to make a certain amount of three-pointers in a game and have a high shooting percentage from beyond the arc. While it may take some time to unlock this badge, it is worth it for the extra points it provides.



The Masher Finishing Badge is among the most coveted awards in NBA 2K23. It is given to the player who finishes first in the league in total points scored. This badge is a symbol of excellence and achievement, and it is something that every player strives to obtain. There are many ways to score points in NBA K, but the most popular method is dunks. Players can also score points by making layups, three-pointers, and free throws. Players who have won the Masher Finishing Badge include LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan. 


BD Punisher

The first badge on our list is the BD Punisher badge. This badge is awarded for completing contact dunks in traffic. The problem with this badge is that it's only useful if you're trying to dunk someone. If you're trying to finish at the rim, there are better badges to use.

That said, the BD Punisher badge can be helpful if you know how to use it properly. If you can time your contact dunks correctly, you can use this badge to your advantage. Don't expect it to make much difference if you're not regularly dunking on people.



Acrobat badge gives players +5 to their dunk rating and +5 to their layup rating. This badge is great for players who want to finish easily at the rim. You can throw down some impressive jams with the bonus of +5 to your dunk rating. 

Acrobat Finishing Badges are some of the most important badges in NBA 2K23. They allow players to finish at the rim more consistently and easily make acrobatic layups. There are five Acrobat badges, giving players a different boost to their finishing ability.



The finishing badge on NBA 2K19 is extremely important. This badge allows you to make tough and acrobatic layups around the basket and execute smooth jump shots when driving to the hoop. There are 5 levels to this badge, with each level giving you a bigger boost. To get the finishing badge, you must first complete the following:

  • Get 50 successful layups in the game
  • Complete 10 layup drills in the 2K Skills Trainer
  • Get 25 And-1 finishes in-game
  • Complete 5 And-1 finish drills in the 2K Skills Trainer



The Bully badge is all about aggression. You want to be constantly attacking the paint and finishing through contact. This badge is great for players who like to play physically and bully their way to the basket. Combo Finishers will see the biggest benefit from this badge as it will increase their chance of successful finishes around the rim. But even if you could be a better leaper, the Bully badge can still help you finish through traffic and contact.

To earn this badge, you'll need to do a lot of driving to the basket and finishing strong through contact. If you're looking to add this badge to your collection, here are some tips:

  • Take advantage of your strength and size mismatch against your defender. Use your body to create space and power through any contact.
  • Look for opportunities to catch your defender off balance and use a quick first step to explode past them into the lane.
  • -In traffic, be aggressive and go up strong with both hands for maximum impact.



NBA 2K23 Season 2 Finishing Badges: Tier D


Aerial Wizard

There are many finishing badges in NBA 2K23, each with unique requirements. The Aerial Wizard badge is one of the more difficult badges to earn, but it is extremely useful for players who like to finish at the rim. The badge significantly boosts players' ability to finish close to the basket, making them much more dangerous on offense. Players must complete some tricky finishes around the basket to earn the Aerial Wizard badge, including reverse layups, euro-steps, and more.

Working towards the Aerial Wizard badge is a great option if you're looking to add another dimension to your game and become a better finisher at the rim. 

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